Here are the new updates in the Command Center. 

Command Center now has two tabs. The Shuttles tab where you see the map view and the Settings tab where you can edit the settings for your dealership. 

  • Message of the Day - send your Advisors messages in app. 
  • Ride Report - view and download rides by date, time and driver
  • SMS Templates - customize the messages that get sent to the customers
  • Station Settings - change your Company logo, set hours of operations and drive radius.
  • Users - add new users to be able to use the Command Center and set up new drivers here. 
  • Review - know what your customers say about your dealership and your people. 
  • Tutorial - an overview of how the entire platform works
  • FAQ - for more specific topics about using the Command Center, Driver app or Passenger app. 
  • Logout - to log out of the driver app

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