To identify the queue, there are four states in that passenger cycles through. And in the Command Center app, users can filter the rides of their Shuttle Drivers. 

These are the different states:

  1. Waiting For Pickup - these are passengers waiting for a Driver. The passengers will remain in this state until it gets assigned to a Driver.
  2. En Route - these are shuttles that are currently in transit to their destination. It also means that a Driver got assigned to the passenger.
  3. Canceled - these are trips that got canceled either by the Service Advisor or the Passenger.
  4. Finished - these are rides that got completed.
  5. Rides Today - these are all rides regardless of status made today. 

Ride List Filtering

Ride filtering will help filter the rides based on their status.  To filter Rides Today, go to the filter section and tick Rides Today. Then select Done, this will then show all the rides scheduled for the day. 

Note: In case you don't want to see all the different states, you can filter the ones that you need, and you can hide the rest. We are unable to delete rides once it get completed/canceled. You can download the complete ride details in the ride report. 

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