When creating rides, it is essential that the correct address gets put in the system otherwise it will not let you move or create the request. Address accuracy is the key to success, that is why to ensure that the right one is put in, the system will try to autocomplete the address and list down all possible address combination. 

If the address that you are putting in doesn't generate an autocomplete from Google, it means that the address is not searchable on google and that you have to recheck it. 

If the correct address is placed in the system, it will populate the options for various locations; you need to pick the exact address of your passenger then create a ride.

If Google is unable to find the exact match or is directing you to a different address or an address far away from your location, it is essential to put notes in the ride request so that the driver will know where to go. Google maps is not a perfect system, and sometimes human intervention is needed. 

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