When you create a ride check that the correct address gets put in the system. Address accuracy is the key to success. When placing the address, the text will be in red font. As you type, Google will autocomplete the address and list in a drop-down option. Select one from the list. 

If the address that you typed did not generate an autocomplete from Google, It means that the address is not searchable on google and that you have to recheck it or type in the zip code.

Once the correct address gets encoded in the form, that will enable you to complete the ride request. When completing the addresses, the system will show the distance between the addresses. When the distance between addresses is in the approved driving range, submit the form.

If the ride request is beyond the approved radius by your dealership cancel the ride request. You will get a pop-up stating that the ride request is outside your dealership's. If the customer insists on the address, ask permission from your Manager.

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