Dealers can quickly send the link to the customer from the command center app. Once they enter customer details in creating a new ride, they can immediately send the link to open the web app in the customer phone. Please note that this will require usage of mobile data to use the app, charges depend on the customer's mobile phone carrier. Also, the link to passenger app does not expire and can be used multiple times. 

1. Customers/passenger can easily request for a shuttle with the use of the link. By using location services, the app can automatically identify passenger's location, and they can manually type/search for the address. 

2. After location services get enabled, the app will then ask for the pick-up location. You can type the address manually or have the app use your current address or location. The drop off location is the dealership's address. 

3. Once address has been confirmed, click on Set Pickup Location

4. The passenger app will then ask you Name and Phone number to complete the set-up process. Submitting the information will also help the driver get in touch with the passenger in case they get lost or cannot locate the address. 

5. When the Schedule Ride is clicked, it will go to the page when the pickup and drop off address will be shown. Clicking next will submit the ride request. 

6. The Customer will get directed to the navigation page of the Passenger App. 

     a. Station Logo is the name or logo of the dealership.
     b. Shuttle Vehicle is the color of the van assigned to pick the customer up.
     c. The estimated time (ETA) that the Customer can expect the Driver arrives.
     d. If the Passenger made a mistake booking the ride, they could immediately            cancel the ride.
     e. The Driver name and picture will give the customer comfort and security.
     f. Clicking this button will show the Shuttle Driver's current location.
     g. Recenter button will provide an overall view of the navigation screen.
     h. The Customer can call the Shuttle Driver or Service Advisor in the app.

7. The passenger will receive text messages from Quickride once the Driver has dropped the passenger to their preferred location. Go to SMS or Text Alert to know what messages will they receive and how to stop getting messages. 


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