To ensure that drivers are assigned, the Driver app is color coded for easy identification. The shuttle colors are in the following order. 

To select/assign the shuttle, Driver selects a shuttle. 

If the Driver is logging in, he will be prompted to type his phone number to lock the shuttle under his name. 

If the shuttle is not available, he will be reminded that the shuttle is already locked-in to someone else and may be in use. Once the shuttle is assigned, in the App it will reflect the Driver’s name and shuttle color. 

After selecting the shuttle and assigning to the Driver, the Driver can then start accepting trips from the customer. 

If Driver has completed all the trips and has ended his shift for the day, the Driver needs to log out of the Driver app properly. To do this, the Driver, need to press the back button on Android and back arrow for iPhone. The Driver will be asked to confirm if they are logging out. 

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