Table Of Contents

I. Getting started
     a. Command Center: Table Of Contents
     b. Customer Service Email & Phone number
     c. Canada
     d. How to download in iOS devices?
     e. How to download in Android devices?

II. About Quick Ride
     a. Benefits of Quick Ride


I. Command Center
     a. Command Center: Overview
     b. Command Center: Map Icons
     c. Command Center: Map View
     d. What is a Command Center?

II. New Command Center Updates
     a. New Command Center: Login Page
     b. Command Center: New Features
     c. Command Center: Ride Report
     d. Command Center: Message Templates
     e. Command Center: Station Settings
     f. Command Center: Users
     g. Command Center: Reviews

III. Command Center: Account Management
     a. Command Center: Help Icon
     b. Command Center: Logging out Shuttle Drivers

IV. Command Center: Create Ride
     a. Command Center: Create Ride - Now
     b. Command Center: Create Ride - Future (Scheduled Rides)
     c. Command Center: Create Ride - Set by Passenger
     d. Command Center: Distance from Dealership
     e. Command Center: Ride List and Ride List Filtering
     f. Command Center: Selected Ride and Ride Reassigning
     g. Command Center: Ride Status
     h. Command Center: Ride Distribution
     i. Command Center: Ride Sorting

V. Command Center FAQs
     a. Ride Not Updating
     b. Command Center: Unable to Create rides


I. Driver App FAQs
     a. How to use the Driver App?
     b. How to complete a pick-up and drop off
     c. Driver App: Navigation System
     d. Driver App: On Boarding Passengers
     e. Driver App Navigation
     f. Understanding the Shuttle Colors
     g. Shuttle Selection
     h. Deleting Rides


     a. What is a Passenger Quickride App?
     b. New Passenger App
     c. Passenger App: Advantages

Customer App FAQs
     a. How to use Passenger App?
     b. Passenger App: Unable to locate correct address
     c. Passenger App: How to set correct location for pickup & drop off
     d. Passenger App: Unable to get accurate location
     e. Passenger App - Time Request
     f. Passenger app: SMS or Text Alerts


     a. Troubleshooting: Command Center after Refresh
     b. 6 Common iOS 11 problems that might affect Driver App users
     c. 5 Common Android issues encountered by Driver App users
     d. Command Center: Shuttle not being tracked
     e. Troubleshooting: Command Center - Ride Grayed Out
     f. Troubleshooting Command Center: Blank Screen
     g. Troubleshooting: Command Center
     h. Troubleshooting Driver App
     i. Troubleshooting Location Services - Iphone and Ipad
     j. Troubleshooting Location Services - Android
     k. Troubleshooting Location Services - Computer
     l. Customer Service
     m. Forgot Password

Driving Safety and Tips
Shuttle Riding Tips
Dealership Shuttle Service 

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