On instances wherein the passenger will give an Advisor an address, but when placed in the Command Center, it doesn't allow the User to create a ride.  The User needs to check the address provided because as you type, Google will autocomplete the address and list possible locations in a drop-down option.

If the address entered did not generate an autocomplete, it means that the address is not searchable in google and that you have to confirm the address with the Passenger or Customer. 

Once the correct address gets encoded in the form they can now submit the request. This will enable the Drivers to receive and complete the ride request. 

Quick Tip: 

  1. When completing the form, the system will show the distance between the addresses. Please note that this is the distance from the dealership to the entered passenger location. The actual mileage in the driver app will vary depending on the Driver's location, routes, and current traffic condition. 
  2. Each dealership has its limits on how far their shuttles can go. A pop-up appears when a User is trying to create a ride beyond the radius. If the ride request is beyond the approved range by the dealership, cancel the ride request or get an approval from the Service Manager.  
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