Is your map not giving you the right location? When you use the passenger app link, it comes off as broken or the map showing the whole of United States and not your current location? Don't fret. It's just the app trying to pinpoint your location.

Here's a simple trick, turn on your location services. Once it's enabled, it will automatically update the map to your current location. When the location services is turned off, the app doesn't know where you are that's why it's just centered on the US map. 

For first time users, the app will ask permission to use your current location, click on "OK" and that will enable the app to find your current location. 

In case the app is not working or you still find yourself in the center of US. You can click on the link below:

Troubleshooting Location Services - Android
Troubleshooting Location Services - Iphone and Ipad

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