We have relied on our mobile phones every day to help us with our personal and professional life. And on a busy day, you drive around and realizing too late that your phone has NO signal. This frustrating situation is what we call WiFi dead spots. Any large object or building, thick plaster, wiring, dense foliage, and distance to the cell tower can cause wireless dead spot as these cause interference with WiFi radio waves. 

To get the signal back and you’re driving, you need to exit the building or parking lot or anything big enough to obstruct your signal reception. Typically, your mobile phone will auto-update/connect once it gets the signal back. It would also be helpful if you can map out areas that have weak or no signal reception so that in the future, you can find alternative routes. However, if you cannot avoid passing through those areas with a weak signal, you can also get a cell phone signal booster, and the antenna can just get mounted on the vehicle, and it will help you get weak mobile phone signal that your phone can’t do. 

As for the Quickride Driver app, it will automatically connect to data once turned on, but in case Quickride Driver app stops working, you need to restart the app, and everything should be back to normal.  

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