The proper usage of the driver app will ensure that Drivers can execute and accomplish their tasks for the day. When the app is not functioning as expected, it prevents the Drivers from doing their job successfully. Common issues encountered with the app:

Driver App Issues Encountered

  1. Even when there is a shuttle, shuttle icon cannot be seen in the map. 
  2. Unable to see shuttle location real-time or blinking in 2 locations.
  3. The Shuttle freezing and falling off the map.
  4. The Shuttle speed is staying at a certain speed but its not moving.
  5. The Shuttle not showing the correct ETA.

A. Follow these steps to resolve issued with the Driver App

  1. Check the data or cellular service as this also affects the accuracy of the app in tracking the shuttles. 
  2. The Drivers needs to make sure to leave the phone and screen on with the Driver app in the foreground. 
  3. Make sure to enable location and notifications for the Driver app. 
  4. Make sure to enable Google Maps to access current location. To do that, open the app, type in a mock address and it will ask for permission to access current location or to recalibrate, complete this step.
  5. Turn-off Battery Saver as this will restrict location services.
  6. Put location settings on High Accuracy.
  7. Log-out of the Driver all the way to the login screen and restart the phone. 

If the Driver keeps getting an error "There was a problem logging in, please try again. "  its either the username or password got mistyped, or the mobile phone doesn't have cellular data/internet. 

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