Business process automation (BPA) is a business strategy that is now getting employed worldwide. By automating, businesses can reduce cost, eliminate waste, and increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Most Car Dealers are still using the old method of a pen and clipboard to request for a shuttle. More often than not this method has fueled customer dissatisfaction due to the lack of visibility on where and when the shuttle will be back.

With Quickride, businesses now have a proven method to understand better how their shuttle service performs. And with this automated process they can benefit from:

1. Shuttle service request are more organized
Everything that a Service Manager needs is in one place. In the Command Center, they got everything from having real-time visibility of the Drivers to booking rides and even extracting reports. The beauty of automation is you have actual data to help you understand your Drivers performance.

2. Centralized Communication
The old method of tracking by clipboard doesn’t provide you information on when the ride was completed, who completed it and how many trips get completed for that day. By automating the system, the Command Center can track all of these. You don’t have to go back and forth asking people for information as the information is already in the system. 

3. Established process & Visibility
Having a system in place allows you to plan ahead of time. Rides can get booked in advance without fear of missing that ride. You can also track any ad hoc request made by other departments. As the interface is user-friendly, everyone in the Service Department will be able to use the system. All of these incorporated in the Command Center. 

4. Increased Accountability
With a system in place, there is lesser human error. Shuttle Drivers can not cancel rides. Cancellations can only be made thru the Command Center or by the use of Passenger App. There is a report that can get extracted at the end of the day, and it provides details on how many rides get requested, completed or canceled and which Driver the trip was assigned too.  

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