Driving takes a lot of skill and focus, as easy as it may sound, it's more complicated. You need to use all of your senses and more importantly, your brain. With experience, more often people tend to overlook these basic safety features:

Wearing Seat belts
Seat belts are designed to strap you in place, even when there is a sudden stop this mechanism is going to help you stay in place. 

Side Mirrors
These mirrors are designed to help you get a good vision on the right and left the side of the car which is helpful if you are going to perform a lane change. 

Rear view Mirror
The rear view mirror helps you see what is behind you as this augments what you see from your side mirrors. 

Turn Signals
Our blinkers or turn signals are designed to notify other drivers where you are going. By making this a habit, it may also prevent future accidents from happening. 

Often we use lights in the evening, but we can also use them when it’s raining as it increases the car’s visibility. But do not use high beam because it might blind other drivers. Just make sure not to use your hazard as other drivers might think there is something wrong and may result in an accident if they try to overtake you. 

Using these basic safety features can help prevent accidents from happening. These are just some of the things that we can do to stay safe on the road. Recently there have been improvements to ensure the safety of the Drivers, new technologies that we can consider are:

  1. Forward collision warning - These systems use an audible alarm to alert drivers when they are coming up too close to a vehicle in front of them.
  2. Adaptive headlights - These headlights pivot toward the direction you're traveling and are great for improving visibility around curves.
  3. Blind spot detection Sensors - serve as second eyes, alerting drivers of objects in their blind spots.
  4. Parking Assist System - More cars on the road means only one thing – crowded parking space. All you need to do is activate the system, shift to reverse, and the system will park the car for you.
  5. Inflatable seat belts - It will automatically inflate in a matter of milliseconds to provide a cushion for your torso and reduce head and neck injuries due to the impact.
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