The Insights Dashboard is a new feature currently in BETA stage. The Dashboard contains a series of data about the shuttle's performance, and this can get generated on daily, weekly, or monthly, allowing the dealership or the Service Manager to analyze the information. 

To access the Insights Dashboard, go to the Command Center Settings tab, click the dashboard.

To generate the reports, select the dates in which you want to view the data, it can be daily/weekly/monthly. Choose if you wish to see an hourly or daily report. Once you've made the selection, the information will immediately change. 

Once the information gets generated, each report will have a short description. You can select to view the graphical data or numerical data by toggling between the two options to see the information. There are five kinds of report segregated to Ride Totals, Geographic, Time, Rating and Warranty Rides

As of this time, you will only have the ability to print the report. To do that, click on the print icon on the upper right side of the screen.

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