Advertising has long evolved. Back in the days, a way to spread the word out is through print and media. They are still considered an effective medium for educating and enticing people. But, with the growth of technology comes the birth of the digital age. This is where information is fast moving and changing. As business owners, resiliency to change is by being adaptable.

Adaptability is being able to adjust to any condition. In this case, the business' ability to adjust to the feedback received. Feedbacks are a great source of information on whether they are positive or negative. 

What to do with a Positive Feedback?
Great feedback is a way to spread the word out to other people and gain more business. Because the more people are talking about you, it's likely that your business will also get recommended. Positive reviews give your dealership a vote of confidence, a level of trust that other people can relate with. You, in turn, can put these feedbacks on your website, flyers, quote them to other people or use them to analyze what can be improved further. 

What to do with a Negative Feedback?
Feedbacks are a great source of information. This might be for things that are already known to you or it might be for things that you are not yet aware of. When you get a negative feedback, always keep an open mind and take it with a grain of salt as there might be an underlying issue within your Dealership. It is good to always address these feedbacks, talk to the persons who placed them and find an answer or a solution to resolve any issues you may have. 

Businesses are being shaped by the people working in the Dealership. By understanding your feedbacks, you are able to listen to what your customers say about your service. That is the key to getting more customers.

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