Shuttle service gets offered as a complimentary service to customers who have a scheduled appointment. While the vehicle is getting serviced, customers can choose to get brought to the office, home or anywhere within the dealership’s surrounding area. Aside from giving customers free rides, there are other ways you can improve your customer loyalty. 

1. Respond as quickly as possible – one of the reasons why people bring their vehicle over to service because it has a problem. And when there is a problem, customers’ demands an answer right away. The customer might get in touch with your dealership through a call, an email or by chat and whatever form it might be, you have to be able to respond right away. You need to set different service levels for the different ways the customers can reach you. Otherwise, they might be stuck waiting in a queue or on hold for an extremely long time thereby causing more harm than good. Same goes if the customer is waiting for a shuttle, they should know when they can expect the shuttle to arrive. And they would assume that the ride towards their destination is safe and hassle-free. 

“Diego was quick to greet me and had the courtesy shuttle all ready for me” – Mrs. Cromwell from Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac.

2. Know your customers – We have come a long way concerning development, infrastructure, technology, science and one thing hasn’t changed, and that is our ability to communicate. Yes, right now it might have advanced with the growth of social media but what separates an excellent service to excellent service is personalization. It’s our innate ability to socialize and get to know people. Shuttle Drivers and Service Advisors hold this critical piece in the process. Understanding your customer means knowing their names and a bit of information about them, listening to their concern and needs and providing a solution to their problems. 

“From Ken the assistant service manager, the shuttle driver down to the cashier, every one extended me the best courtesy and that's important to me” – Leah from David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas.

3. Fix your mistakes – Mistakes happen all the time but what is essential is owing to that mistake. And being able to tell your customers upfront what happened. If you don’t acknowledge your mistakes and pretend that it never happened and the customer finds out, you will be in more trouble.

“Tell your technician to slow down and pay attention to the customer. He runs around like a chicken with his head cut off and then when you have a question it doesn't get answered – Denice.”

 “Quick and easy and clear explanation of the services being done and the free doughnuts! – Gil”

Customer loyalty comes from providing excellent service. Businesses are remembered for what they were able to do for the customer. Shuttle Service is just a stepping stone towards making your dealership good and what makes it even better would be the people working there making the magic happen every day. 

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