One of the most profitable business in the economy right now is in the manufacturing sector which is the automotive industry. Though this business has its ups and downs, played right it can still be a very profitable business. Business owners always need to analyze market trends, make a wise investment and use the right technology. It needs to combat market fluctuations and stay afloat during lean months. Car dealerships usually invest to increase income. Investment can be in the form of marketing campaigns, people, new upgrades or even providing free services to customers. One of the free services that we will explore is the Shuttle Service and why is there a need for one. 

Shuttle Service is a complimentary service given to customers who are having their vehicle repaired. Though this gets provided as a free service, the car dealership incurs cost in maintaining a shuttle. But what are that advantages of having one or two shuttles in a dealership?

  1. Vehicle Availability– shuttles offer dealership the convenience of being able to take in many passengers. That saves time going back and forth to the dealership. Nearby rides can get consolidated to save on trips and time. If you use a ride-sharing app, the dealership will get billed per trip. There is a possibility that the dealership will get hit with a price surge. In a dealership, mornings and after work is peak hours and that means higher fare. This will result in unwanted and unforeseen costs.
  2. Shuttle Utilization – the best thing about having a vehicle available at all times is that it can perform errands. Not only for the service department but other departments as well. For example, shuttles can be for parts pick-up/delivery or even as an employee shuttle service. Thereby utilizing the shuttle at its maximum potential. Plus, the cost of maintaining the shuttle can get shared with other departments.
  3. Passenger Safety – ride-sharing apps have become very popular nowadays, but that popularity also came with a hefty price and not just with cost but with security. There have been numerous reports of crime being committed against passengers. Having a shuttle means you can keep track of your drivers and passengers can provide feedback to the manager if needed. Shuttle drivers have a responsibility to ensure that passengers get to their destination.
  4. Store Branding – Shuttles travel miles and miles to bring passengers home or to their office. While in transit, shuttles pass by different locations, and they can get stuck in traffic. Which is a perfect way to get free advertising. If you have your store’s logo, name, and phone number visible on all sides of the shuttle vehicle. People can easily spot your store’s name and number which can potentially bring in new clients. 

Offering shuttle service has its pros and cons, same with investments. It can bring in extra cost but used correctly it can improve customer loyalty and bring in new business. 

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