Car dealerships, like regular companies, composed of different departments all working together. Each department has their tasks, responsibilities, and time-frame. For the team to succeed, each member of the company has to play their role and perform their duties. 

In business, the first investment has to be with the people. Hire people not only for their skills and educational attainment but also hire the ability to build relationships. Relationships are what will make or break a team. Here are a few tips on how to create a cohesive team. 

1. Team building activities – this is not your regular out of town trip with your co-workers. Pick a place who not only have a great view but has excellent team building activities that each member of your team can take part. Team building is also a perfect opportunity to get to know people in other departments. These kinds of activities pave the way in solidifying relationships within your team. By helping them understand each other’s strength, weaknesses, and interest. 

2. Goal Setting – specify the task or each member and their function as part of the department. It is essential that they are aware of the expectation of people and the leadership team. This is critical in helping your team succeed. If they know what they need to achieve, how to get there and know where they can reach out for support required, employees will feel engaged, empowered and capable of completing the tasks. 

3. Set Timelines – car dealerships are very busy from the moment the doors are open, its game time. If a person is to buy a car, the process should be smooth from one department to the other. Putting timelines will ensure that everyone can keep track of what everyone is doing and he or she would know when he or she can expect a task to get completed. 

4. Coaching – it’s the job of Managers to get to know the people on their team. Coaching is a perfect opportunity for growth, understanding and works towards achieving goals. The employee’s commitment is a powerful way to get their buy-in to complete the tasks at hand. 

5. Know what are the Non-Negotiables – in a company, certain norms or rules must are followed to maintain an organized environment. Non-negotiables are values that you want each of your employees to imbibe.

Building teams and establishing relationships is like building a house. You make the foundation strong and to do that; you lay the groundwork for making sure that each person knows their role in the company. You nailed in on their commitment to work together as teams. You cement the relationship by creating activities centered towards camaraderie, teamwork and mutual respect and understanding. Relationships, like plants, need to be nurtured and cared for. Successful relationships don’t happen overnight, but with the right intervention, you can make a great team. 

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