Back then, car dealers used flyers, banners, direct mail and even eco blimps to promote their product. These are very popular then and still used until today. But it no longer generates a significant amount of new customers as it did before. Commercial and advertisement, on the other hand, are still highly popular but has gotten costly over the years. With the rise of the digital age, technology has taken over every household. Purchasing decision no longer relies on traditional advertising methods. Instead, people are now buying based on real-life experiences. Experiences which are now openly shared thru the various social media platforms. People will not be restricted to the confines of the four walls of their houses. Instead their thoughts, perception, feelings are now pouring over the internet, across borders, across the different continent, and to strangers. Business owners now have to diversify sales strategies and learn how to humanize their brand to get more customers. 

 1. Invest in Facebook Advertising – this will help businesses optimize their campaigns thru market segregation. Investing in Facebook will ensure sure that the right people see posts at the right time and by people in interested in the product and services offered. By doing this, it will help increase sales. Businesses need to understand their market. That entails focusing advertising campaigns based on customer location and demographics. It is essential as well to put value for the customer and not to be overly focused on sales. Be a thought leader in that field and create loyal followers. Investing will ensure that future customers will not get forced into the idea of buying your product.

 2. Tweet on Twitter – it has 140 characters to market a business’ product. Several engagement campaigns can get used. It can be through the use of twitter card, share relevant information about the company and connect with influencers to further increase followers. Use hashtags and post relevant information. 

3. Get the Millennials on Instagram – There is a huge customer base on Instagram. 64 percent of respondents between 18 and 29 years used the photo-sharing app. It is essential to reach these group as they are most likely to help spread information about the business. To do that, share the business brand, create a way to interact with people by doing contests, product samples or even discount coupons. What is important is to get the brand out, be visible and creative. 

4. Video marketing on Youtube – the second largest social media platform. Being that people or customers prefer to watch videos than reading make this platform an easy way to grow business. Keep in mind that when making videos: It has to be short, highly educational, can be understood by many and has to be 2mins or less.

 5. Humanize your brand – When making videos or post, do not be focused on selling the brand. Appeal to the senses, to people’s emotion and hearts. Tell a story that people can relate to and be able to share in that experience. 

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