As they always say, the first impression lasts. When preserving car paint in vehicles, this is exceptionally true. It may seem that car owner are obsessed with maintaining the pristine condition of the car’s paint especially if its new. But the reality is that it’s easier to sell a well-maintained vehicle than a car that looks worn down. Here are tips to keep the car looking new:

1.    Wash your car – the best preventive maintenance a car owner can do is to wash it. Every day, the vehicle gets exposed to harsh conditions. It is essential to remove the dust, grime, bugs, rain splatter and any impurities that can eventually wear down the car’s paint. It is recommended to wash the car at least once a week. 

2.    Sun, sun and more sun – Ultraviolet rays harm not only the skin but also the car’s paint. Continuous exposure without proper protection like car wax can eventually wear down the car’s paint. It is advisable to park vehicles in shaded areas. If it can't be avoided, wash the car every week and use good car wax. 

3.    Seawater and sand – this lethal combo spells trouble for vehicles. Saltwater tends to eat away metals like break or fuel lines. Car repair alone would cause hundreds of dollars. Same goes if sand gets left on the vehicles. Sand can affect the car's sensors and give out incorrect instructions. In times like this, a quick car wash will keep it in top shape. 

4.    Stay away from automatic car wash – Automatic car wash often uses harsh chemicals, brushes or sponge that can damage the vehicle over time. Car owners can wash their cars using ph balanced detergents. Wash, rinse, and buff is the perfect way to clean it up. 

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