Technology has changed the way people purchase. These days, researching a piece of information can be done through mobile phones. Buyer’s purchasing decision gets influenced by social media websites, blogs and review sites. Increasing sales through traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective. To be competitive, car dealers have to learn how to market and manage their online media presence with the use of different channels. For mobile phone users, we have the five micro-moments that help buyers in their car purchasing decisions. 

  • The “Which Car is the Best?” Moment – This is the start of a buyer’s journey. Here they will start researching for the best brand, make or model of the vehicle using their smartphones. They can quickly check and cross-reference vehicles without stepping in a car dealership. According to Google, 6 out of 10 car shoppers are still unsure of which vehicle to purchase. Therefore, car dealerships need to make sure that they are being found by potential customers online. Have a website that is easy to navigate and can adjust to different kinds of the platform (computer, tablet or mobile phone). 
  • The “Is It Right for Me?” Moment – This is where buyers weigh their options and do preliminary research by watching videos about the car. Doing a checklist of what they need and what features they expect the car to have. Gone are the days that people need to walk inside a car dealership to see the vehicle. Providing an interactive way to engage customers will help them decide on which vehicle to purchase. 
  • The “Can I Afford It?” Moment – One of the primary considerations when buying a vehicle is the price. Buyers need to be prepared financially to make a successful purchase. According to Google Internal Data, September 2015, United States, 70% of searches for car MSRP and list prices are done on mobile. One of the reasons why dealerships are losing customers is because the information that they are looking for can’t be found at their website. 
  • The “Where Should I Buy It?” Moment – This next step is critical in helping the buyer make a decision. According to Millward Brown Digital and Polk, "Automotive Shopper Path to Purchase," September 2015, One in three car shoppers, who use their mobile devices as part of the car purchase process, locate or call a dealer on their mobile device. 
  • The “Am I Getting a Deal?” Moment – The final stage, even if the buyer is at the store, the final moments before making the purchase is spent on checking their phones for other considerations like price, value and seeking assurance that they are making the right decision. Therefore, it is important not to get focused on closing in on the sale but by putting value in your brand. Site some positive reviews for numerous websites, recommend blogs and articles featuring your product. 

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