Engine oil is design to reduce the friction on the vehicle’s moving parts and ensure that the car’s engine remains clean. Over time, the engine becomes dirty, and the consistency of the oil changes is thereby diminishing its effectivity. It is thus essential to ensure that regular checkups get done so that the car will be running smoothly. Here are the five things to watch out for:

1.    Dark and Dirty Oil – We are referencing here dark and dirty. Fresh engine oil has a transparent light brown color. Over time, the color and the consistency changes but it doesn’t mean that oil needs to get changed right away. That is why it is essential to check engine oil using a dipstick regularly. When it has become dark, thick or it has reached the below minimum mark that’s the time the oil needs to get changed. 

2.    Louder Engine Noise and Knocking – having driven the car for months or even years, one will be familiar with how the car sounds. If the car’s engine starts making unusual sounds like clicking or knocking, it means that it’s time for an oil change. When the vehicle’s engine oil becomes dark, thick or running low, it loses it lubricating properties. When it reaches that point, the moving parts of the engine will begin grinding against each other. If left unchecked this will cause significant damage to the car’s engine. 

3.    Check Engine Light is on –The automotive computers are programmed to signal the car owner when the oil needs to get changed. When this lights up, bring the vehicle in for a check-up even though there are no noticeable smell or noise. 

4.    Exhaust Smoke – Cars are supposed to emit a translucent vapor, and this means that the engine’s oil is clean. However, if you notice a thick smoke coming out of the car’s exhaust, it means that there is an oil leak or the engine is burning coolant. Either way, have the vehicle checked immediately. 

5.    Oil Smell – make it a habit to check the engine oil. If the oil level is below the minimum requirement, it may cause the engine to overheat. It can also be a sign that there is an oil leak. Do not wait till the car breaks down or shows more sign of an ongoing problem as these subtle signs could already be a sign of significant trouble. 

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