Content Marketing is a strategic type of marketing that stimulates interest in the company’s product and services. Content Marketing is creating and sharing online materials like videos, blogs or social media post. Businesses now realize the benefits of content marketing as this will help increase sales, increase customer loyalty and reduce cost. 

Content Marketing will help drive sales because, with the use of this marketing strategy, the approach is more targeted. Marketing gets filtered to the existing subscribers who are familiar with the brand’s product or service. Converting them to future customers wouldn’t be a tough decision for them to make as they already know and trust the brand. 

With Content Marketing, businesses are now marketing their ideas creatively. Nowadays, creating relevant content entails tapping into people’s thoughts and feelings. Utilizing those emotions and tying that to a specific product or service. One of the most powerful approaches is Digital Storytelling. This approach is a short form of digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their story. Storytelling is powerful because people from all walks of life can relate to the story. In short, blogs, social media posts or videos that are relevant, timely and targets specific audience is a cost-effective approach because it mainly markets to people who are already loyal and will end up buying the product/service or recommending it to someone they know. 

7    Marketing Strategies for Car Dealers

  1. Content Creation – content creation is not just about writing blog articles. When creating marketing content, the people managing the production should have known not only on article creation but also knowledgeable on the different medium of advertising thru social media through videos, tweets/posts, and photos. Writers should have skills related to video scripting, content customization for various platforms, content distribution and promotion, analytics, and more. 
  2. Social Media Platforms – with technology, business needs to manage their social media presence by having the articles, blogs and videos on various social media channels and platforms. It is essential as well to do engine optimization. SEO can be organic but this is time-consuming or paid optimization, but it's going to be costly. 
  3. Transparency – The most significant advantage of content marketing is that it allows differentiating your business from the competition. And the key to this differentiation is authenticity. Clarity is where customers can get to know the company on a personal level. Through a series of well-planned storytelling campaign, the business can honestly tell the customers who they are, what they do and how they can help people. Transparency helps frame the company in good light.
  4. Key to Marketing – to make an impression, the ideas for the content should be relevant, appropriate and targets your brand keywords. 
  5. Strategy Documentation – be organized and stay on track. Map out how the flow of materials will be created and posted. 
  6. FB Live – live videos are appealing because it portrays people’s emotions and feelings or humanizing brand. Facebook live has been so popular and has higher engagement as compared to regular videos. 
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