LinkedIn is a great networking tool as this contains a person’s professional background. If you are meeting with a person for the first time, make sure to look the person up as this is a beautiful way to strike up a conversation by doing a background check and finding something in common. LinkedIn is also a great way to sharpen your negotiation and sales skills by using LinkedIn Slideshare and LinkedIn Learning.

Mind Tools/ Skill-Pill
Mind Tools/ Skill-Pill is excellent for refreshing your memory on best business practice; there are even short articles on leadership, sales and so much more. If you prefer watching videos than reading, then Skill-Pill is the right app for you. 

30/30 is an app that helps break down your activities in a 30mins interval. Also, since this only requires 30mins, the chances of a task getting done is high.

Hubspot Sales
Hubspot Sales is a CRM tool and great at organizing contacts or leads. You can schedule follow up and get reminded on next appointment. A neat feature is that you're aware when the recipient reads emails. 

Car Dealerships are always busy and requesting for a shuttle ride for one of your passengers needs to be as simple as possible. Quickride is designed to automate how shuttle service gets organized; it gives you the ability to view where the shuttles are real-time. 

Doc Scan
Snap a picture of a document, and get a neatly packaged PDF or JPG in return.  

Keep this app handy for making quick presentations. Can be downloaded using a laptop or an iPad. 

Close The Sale
People in Sales always need to hone their selling skills. Therefore, this app will be handy for overcoming customers’ objections as it teaches relevant skills every salesperson should possess. 

QuickVoice is app helps you record conversations, presentations, meetings, and discussions to ensure that you do not miss out on the crucial details. 

If you will be taking a potential client out for lunch or dinner, better known the best places to go. 

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