The car industry is a competitive market; there is a lot of car dealer competing with one another to increase sales. Sales as we know it is the core of the business. For car dealerships to increase sales, they need to create programs that focus on improving customer loyalty and retention. And we will explore the different kinds of applications that you can use in the shop when customers bring the vehicle for car repairs.

Point System

A point system is a typical type of loyalty program wherein customers get the point whenever they avail of a particular product or service. Once they have accumulated points, they can either win merchandise, get another product or service for a similar price, or get a discount. Remember, when creating this program, make the rules very simple, fun, and easy for the customers to understand. Otherwise, the customer might be too overwhelmed by details and forego participating in the program. Some ideas for a point system that works in any car repair shops:

  1. Oil Change Promotion – Buy 3 Oil Changes and the get 4th one for FREE.
  2. Special Promotion – Get your vehicle serviced 3x at the dealership and got the 4th one at a 50% discount. 
  3. Referral Program – give cash incentives for every referral who went and had their vehicle serviced at the dealership. You can do a 3-6-10 referral point system. 
  4. Offer Gift Vouchers – special discounts every time they come to the dealership and have their vehicle serviced.

VIP System

The VIP system is a type of loyalty program that gives credit to your frequent or regular customers. What does it mean to be VIPs, well, they get better and speedy service, they also earn special privileges, avail of certain discounts or promotions. Some ideas for a VIP program for any car dealership:

  1. Pick-up and Delivery Service – pamper your busy customers by offering to pick-up their vehicles when their service appointment is due and returning it to them once the repair completed without the customer stepping inside the shop. 
  2. VIP Membership Program – for a certain amount or criteria, customers can sign-up and avail the membership program. VIP Programs may include free services like unlimited car washes for two years, free roadside assistance 24/7, free oil changes for two years, or free loaner cars. 
  3. Referral VIP Program – for existing customers whose referral purchased a vehicle are entitled to be on the VIP program. They are allowed to massive discounts and tons of freebie, which would be instead of a commission to your sales advisor. 

Coalition Programs

The Coalition loyalty program entails your dealership to partner with another business. Under the coalition program, consumers who buy from one company receive rewards for those purchases and can redeem earned points from any other company within the group. The coalition loyalty program creates loyalty and brand awareness as customers are encouraged to try different products to make more points for the program. 

Making customers happy will help you promote your brand and eventually increase sales. Loyalty programs are designed to boost retention and drive referrals. When creating a loyalty program, make sure to coordinate with various departments/people within the dealership to know which one is right for you.

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