Cleaning the car is just like cleaning inside the house. You need to make sure that every inch of the vehicle gets cleaned. Leaving the vehicle dirty is like inviting molds and bacteria to start growing and living inside the car. Here are the things that will help you keep your car clean:

1.    Use the vacuum – this will help gather pieces of food, crumbs, trash, dust and other particles that shouldn’t be inside your car. Start by vacuuming the dashboard, door panels, consoles and then the car seats.

2.    Use microfiber – use this soft material to wipe away smaller particles. Start by cleaning the front panel of the car. And then work your way towards the car’s console. Then clean the air vents.

3.    Clean the windows and mirrors – when using the car cleaning products, make sure to read the label and know how to properly use it to prevent damage to the car’s tint. Do not spray the products directly on the car’s window, instead, sprinkle on a cloth and then wipe.  

4.    Clean the Seats and Doors – use the Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner product as this can lift stains and odors from the car’s fabric interior. This product also has a brush that you can use to brush gently on dirt and stains that are stuck on the fabric. In case you have leather seats, use Leather Protection Wipes. Make sure to remove the dirt and stains from the seat and then apply the Leather Protection Cream. This process can guarantee to prevent wear and tear.

5.    Carpets and Floor Mats – Finally remove the mats and slide the seats forward to ensure that there is no trash hidden under. You can use the vacuum to clean the floor. 

6.    Odors and Bacteria – after all the cleaning, dusting and wiping. It’s time to make sure that the car maintains its fresh and clean scent by using an Odour Neutralizer product to remove the nasty smell. You can also use disinfectant wipes to kill any germs and bacteria that may linger inside the car. Use this to wipe the dashboard, door handles, and panels. 

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