The new Driver states are part of the update in the system to improve shuttle efficiency further. This update is to give a realistic estimate for when the dealership can expect the shuttle to return. Three types of status are visible in the Command Center.


Passenger App is a web-based application where they can see the shuttles real time. They can see when they can expect the shuttle to arrive in minutes.


Here are updates in ETA:

  1. We are now using drive distance instead of straight line distance when creating a ride. The drive distance will give a realistic time estimate on when you can expect the shuttle to arrive.
  2. We updated the algorithm in the system and rides are much efficient.
  3. We added a buffer to the ETA. This will help with customer expectation around arrival time.
  4. ETA for when the Driver is on his way back to the Dealership. Service Advisors or Shuttle Coordinators can better plan on how to use the shuttles best. Three shuttle states can now be seen in the command center.

The three Driver states are:

  • "At station" this comes up when the shuttle is at the station.
  • A time 00:00 pm shows up when the shuttle is on the way to the station the time is their ETA to the station. 
  • "-"  this shows up when the shuttle is on their way TO a ride FROM the station.

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