When reassigning rides, do this with extreme caution. The ETA is already computed for the Passenger the moment the ride request gets assigned to a Driver. If the Passenger gets reassigned, it will negatively affect ETA as additional time will be added based on where the new Driver's current location is and the number of passengers the new Driver has. The Passenger will also get multiple messages about changes in the Drivers. 

To reassign a ride, on the passenger ride flyout click on the name of the Driver. There will be a dropdown menu for which all available drivers will get listed. Put a check mark on which Driver you want the passenger to get reassigned. 

The command center will prompt the user with a confirmation question asking if they want to reassign the ride, click Yes to confirm. 

When a ride gets reassigned, there is a notification on the driver's phone that the ride got moved to a different driver. In those cases, the driver needs to refresh his screen to see the changes in his ride list. 

To refresh the driver app screen:

  1. Go to any section on the driver app.
  2. Press on the screen, and while holding the pressure, pull down on the list until you see Pull to Refresh appear.
  3. Only let go once you see Release to Refresh.
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