The Passenger app is a link that will allow Customers to create their own rides. Once the ride is complete, the customers will receive a link on their phone or when the Service Advisors sends them a link for the passenger app. 

The messages that the Customers are getting are from the SMS templates. However, there are instances when Customers cannot book a ride and may encounter one of these issues when creating or submitting a ride request.

The Customers will get an error when the message that they receive that has the passenger app link got truncated. Message truncation happens because SMS messages are limited to 160 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation, etc.). There are times when this limit is lowered to 140 or even 70 characters, especially when a special character like “smart” or “curly” versions of common punctuation are get counted. But mainly, message truncation happens because of a setting in the customer's' phone or their network provider's settings that splits the messages into 2-3 parts. When this happens, it can affect the passenger app link is, and this will also explain why the link may not work or gets broken.

Sample of a Complete Passenger App link:

Sample of a truncated message with a Passenger App link that's broken:

How to Resolve Issue with Passenger App link:

Message truncation happens because of the customer's' phone or their network provider. Thus, Quickride is unable to prevent the messages from splitting. However, the passenger app link can be moved so that the link remains intact. 

To Edit SMS Templates:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to SMS Templates.
  3. Click on the following messages and move the link after the Station Name. 

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