On the jobs platform, the normal flow is once a request gets submitted it will show as Open and this means that it's waiting in queue for a Specialist. When the Specialist starts the trip going to the Customer's location, the job will then show as En-Route. Once the Specialist arrives as the Customer's location, he needs to mark the job as Started. To finish the job, mark it as completed.  

When jobs get created, the Specialist can encounter problems once they have arrived at the Customer's location. The Specialist will need to mark that job as such to alert the head office about what happened. The Specialist can enter their notes, explaining why they were not able to complete the job. If the job can't get finished for that day, the job can be updated and moved to a different date as long as the changes are done within the day. 

An appointment is marked black to signify that it got canceled. Anytime that a Customer request for cancellation, it can only be done by informing a Service Advisor. We encourage to place note as to why the job got canceled for future reference. 

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