Drivers needs to get notified of a ride, either its newly assigned, reassigned or cancelled. To ensure that they get these notifications, we need to enable notifications in the Driver App. 

How to Fix No Sound Issue on the Driver's Phone
When the Driver encounters issues with sound notifications, it often is related to the device settings or updates made in the device. 

  1. Check and test the phone's speakers.
  2. Adjust the Ring/Silent Switch - Mute Switch
  3. Turn Off Do Not Disturb
  4. Adjust or Disable Bluetooth Settings
  5. Adjust Volume Buttons While in an App
  6. Check Third-Party App Sound Settings
  7. Volume and sound settings in an app
  8. Check Notification Settings for Your App
  9. Restart or Reset Your Device
  10. Check if the Quickride Driver app is updated
  11. Check for device's system updates
  12. Uninstall and reinstall the Quickride Driver app

**If none of the steps fixes the sound issue, kindly contact the phone's manufacturer.

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