Shuttles Command Center: Cancelling Rides

How to cancel a ride in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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When to Cancel a Ride

  • If the customer requests the cancellation of their ride.

  • If the business needs to cancel the ride due to a shuttle being out of service, a driver not being available, etc.

  • If the customer or the business wants to update non-editable ride information – passenger name, passenger phone number, number of passengers, pickup address, drop-off address, ride date, and/or ride time.

Who Can Cancel a Ride

  • Administrators and dispatchers can cancel any ride in the Command Center.

  • Customers can cancel their own rides in the Passenger App.

  • Drivers cannot cancel rides in the Driver App. If drivers receive cancellation requests, they should advise customers that they can cancel their own ride in the Passenger App or they should communicate with colleagues at the station to cancel the ride in the Command Center.

How to Cancel a Ride

  1. Locate the ride in the Ride List and click on it.

  2. Click Cancel Ride.

  3. Click Ok in the cancellation confirmation message.

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