Shuttles Command Center: Insights Dashboard

How to run, read, and print metrics in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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What the Insights Dashboard Is

The Insights Dashboard gives metrics about the use of the Shuttles platform in a specified date range.

Users can view the Insights Dashboard in the Command Center.

How to View the Insights Dashboard

Click on Settings and then Insights Dashboard.

How to Run the Metrics

  1. Click on the calendar icon in From and choose a specific start date.

  2. Click on the calendar icon in To and choose a specific end date.

  3. Click Hourly to view hourly metrics or Daily to view daily metrics.

How to Read the Metrics

Metric Sections

The dashboard has five metric sections.*

  1. Ride Totals: total number of rides completed, broken down by various factors

  2. Geographic: average drive distance, broken down by various factors, and a heat map showing the areas traveled to, by frequency

  3. Time: average time to pick-up, to drop off, and total trip time, broken down by various factors

  4. Rating*: the average star rating for rides, broken down by various factors

  5. Warranty Rides*: total number and value of warranty rides

*If the Station has the Reviews feature disabled, the Rating section is not visible in the dashboard. If the Station has the Under Warranty field disabled, the Warranty Rides section is not visible in the dashboard.

Metric Descriptions and Displays

  • ? icon: hover for a written description of the metric

  • Table icon: click to show the data in graphical form (the default view)

  • Bar graph icon: click to show the data in numerical form

How to Print the Metrics

To print all the metrics, click the printer icon at the top right corner of the dashboard.

What BETA Means

The Insights Dashboard is marked BETA because Quickride is soliciting feedback from clients as to what additional metrics they would like to see in the dashboard. Please share any feedback by starting a chat via the help icon.

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