We make every effort to enhance, upgrade and improve our services. As you may have noticed in the recent changes that we have implemented. Passenger app is no exception. These changes are crucial in understanding the way you run your business. 

Here's what's new at the Passenger App:

1. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) - Passengers get notified on when they can expect the Driver to arrive.  When rides get assigned to the Driver, the customer receives a notification with a link to the Passenger App. Passenger App is a web-based application where they can see the shuttles real time. They can see when they can expect the shuttle to arrive in minutes.  

  • How does this work? All the rides that get assigned to the Shuttle Driver need to get completed in order the app suggested. The Driver app will automatically arrange the rides from nearest to farthest. With that, the Passenger app will calculate the minutes (ETA) based on the trips assigned to the Driver. 
  • What happens if the Drive goes out of order? If the Driver chose not to follow the order of rides suggested by the Driver app it would negatively affect the ETA. Let's say you have 3 rides: A, B, C and the estimated times are, 5, 10, 15 minutes if you go to B first, then you are 5 minutes late for A but the times won't be updated until you arrive at B and pick them up so they’ll see “5 minutes late” and then you pick up B, and they’ll see “X minutes to pick up”.

2. Yelp Review - At the end of the ride, the Customer will receive a link for a short survey. These surveys are at the review section of the Command Center under Control Panel. Reviews will allow Service Manager to get an insight into how their customers think. The feedback can be for the shop, the Service Advisor or even the Shuttle Driver. 

  • How does this work? If the customer gives you a 4 or 5-star rating, it will ask if they would want to post that review in Yelp. Yelp reviews are essential as it offers customers the ability to make decisions about the service that they are getting. Customer reviews will also help you understand if any areas need to be improved. Online surveys in Yelp, will allow other people to gauge the quality of service you provide thereby attracting more customer. It helps you get found by people searching the web. The more people review your page, the more the search engines gives importance to your business. 

3. Contact Shuttle Driver or Service Advisor - The new Passenger app allows the customers to contact people at the dealership. Since the app can show where the Driver is, they can also call them in case the Driver is near or far from its route. 

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