The Passenger app or the weblink is what the passengers use to command for a shuttle when a customer needs one. Its one of the ways Service Advisors can empower customers is by enabling them to put in a request. to schedule a pickup and drop off time. From the Command Center, they can request a ride set by the passenger. This will automatically send a web link to the customer's mobile phone. This web link does not expire so that customer can use it over and over again. 

Giving the passengers the flexibility to select their schedule on when they need to get picked up, gives them the opportunity to decide on when they need the ride. Therefore, they don't need to rush nor do they need to call the Dealership. Just make sure to put a buffer when requesting as you cannot expect the Driver to be there in the exact time. It is advisable to add 15-30mins to the actual time the shuttle is needed. If you need to be picked up at 1:30 pm send in a request for pick up at 1:00 pm that will give enough time for the Driver to reach your destination and pick up/drop off passengers on the way as well. 

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