What Station Settings Are

Station Settings control team- and customer- facing elements of the Command Center, Specialist App, and Customer App.

Admin users should view and edit station settings in the Command Center and should verify that these settings are correct before using Quickride for the first time.

How to View Station Settings

Click on Settings and then Station Settings

How to Define General Settings

  • Station Name - The company's name. Is used in the texts/ SMS messages to the customer and is visible by them in their Customer App.  

  • Station Address - The company's main location address. Is used in the Specialist App's navigation system for directions to and from the station. 

  • Service Radius - The radius, in miles, the business offers their services in. Is used to pop up an alert to schedulers in the Command Center if they try to create a job outside of the service radius.

  • Station Logo - The company's official logo. Is also visible to customers in the Customer App.

How to Define Hours 

  • Hours - The hours the company offers services/ jobs. Define hours for days in which service is offered and uncheck any day that service isn't offered. Is used to put 'Out of Business Hours' on the calendar in the Command Center and pops up an alert to schedulers if they try to create a job outside of these hours. 

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