Jobs Command Center: Urgent Tasks

What urgent tasks mean and how to manage them in the Command Center of the Jobs Platform.

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What Urgent Tasks Are

Urgent Tasks are alerts about any jobs for the current day that haven't had action taken on them or have been marked a problem. They are intended to help administrators, dispatchers, and schedulers see and manage issues with specific jobs. They appear at the top of the Command Center in a red banner with the text for the most recent urgent task displayed in the banner.

How to View Urgent Tasks

  • Click View All in the banner to see all urgent tasks.

  • Click View Job in the banner to view the job with the most recent urgent task.

  • Click View Job when all urgent tasks are displayed to view a specific job.

Types of Urgent Tasks

Type 1 - No Action Taken On Job 10 Minutes Before Start Time

Triggers when a job is still in the Open status 10 minutes before its start time.

Type 2 - Job Not Started at Start Time

Triggers when a job is still in an Open or En Route at its start time. Shows the number of minutes past the job's start time.

Type 3 - Problem with Job

Triggers when a job's status is marked Problem.

How Urgent Tasks Clear/ How to Clear Urgent Tasks

Urgent tasks display for the current day's jobs. Therefore, all urgent tasks will automatically clear, i.e. disappear from the top of the Command Center, the next calendar day. Urgent tasks will also clear when:

Types 1 and 2

  • The specialist marks the job with the correct status in the Specialist App.*

  • A scheduler or administrator reschedules the job to a future time and/or date in the Command Center.

Types 1, 2 and 3

  • A scheduler or administrator cancels the job in the Command Center.

*It is a best practice for specialists to mark job statuses as they do the work in the Specialist App so that the dealership and customers have an accurate view of what is happening with the job. However, as a backup measure, schedulers also have the ability to mark job statuses in the Command Center.

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