Driver App: Logging In

How to log in to the Driver App of the Shuttles Platform.

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When to Log In

Rides can be automatically assigned to drivers anytime they are logged in to their Driver App. Therefore, drivers should log in to the Driver App when they are available to receive rides. This generally includes:

  • At the start of the driver's work shift for the day

  • When returning from any longer scheduled breaks, such as a lunch break

These are the recommended log in times, but stations may have their own policy in addition to or instead of this for when drivers should log in.

How to Login

1. Station ID, Username, and Password

On the login screen enter:

  • Station ID: A four-digit number shared by everyone at the station

  • Username: Unique to each user

  • Password: Assigned to each user

Tap the Login button or Go/ Next / Return on your phone’s keyboard.

2. Color Selection Screen

On the color selection screen, select an available color. The number and specific colors shown depend on the number of shuttles the station has. Unavailable colors will have a lock icon and who is using that color.

The color selected is the shuttle icon’s color in the Command Center and Passenger App. However, the color selected has little to no impact on the driver’s use of the Driver App and therefore any available color can be selected.

3. Phone Number and Seat Number / Capacity

  • Phone Number: 10-digit phone number that customers can contact the driver at, most often the number of the mobile phone the Driver App is installed on

  • Number of Seats/ Capacity: Number of seats the shuttle vehicle has available for customers/ passengers

Tap Ok or Claim.

❗The phone number entered links to the Passenger App and gives customers the option to contact the driver at this number. The number of seats/capacity is one of the factors of the algorithm that assigns and orders rides. Therefore, it is important that these two fields are correctly entered every time.

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