Shuttles Command Center: Filtering Rides

How to filter rides on the Ride List and Map in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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How the Ride List is Organized

The Ride List in the Command Center is organized in reverse chronological order by the date and time the rides were created or scheduled for. Therefore, the most recently created or scheduled ride appears at the top of the list, the next most recent ride appears below it, and so on.

How to Filter the Ride List

Filtering the Ride List allows administrators and dispatchers to more easily see the rides that are relevant to them. Filtering the Ride List with certain filters also filters the markers on the Map.

  1. Click Filter Ride List

  2. Click on one or more filters

  3. Click # Filters Selected

Filter Options

The majority of the filter options correspond to ride statuses.

  • My Rides: rides in any status created on any date by the user who is logged into the Command Center and doing the filtering

  • Rides Today: rides in any status created by any user for the current day

  • Waiting At Station: rides in a waiting status with the pickup address as the station’s main address, as defined in Station Settings

  • Scheduled*: rides in a scheduled status

  • Waiting*: rides in a waiting status

  • En Route*: rides in an en route status

  • Canceled: rides in a cancelled status

  • Complete: rides in a completed status

*Filtering the Ride List by Scheduled, Waiting, and/or En Route also updates the corresponding markers on the Map.

How to Change Filters

  1. Click # Filters Selected

  2. Click on already selected filters and/or click additional filters

  3. Click # Filters Selected

How to Clear Filters

  1. Click # Filters Selected

  2. Click Show All

  3. Click Filter Ride List

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