Command Center: Blank or Purple Screen

Troubleshooting for - Command Center screen blank/ white, purple, or frozen - in the Jobs and/ or Shuttles Platforms.

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  • The Command Center screen is blank /white.

  • The Command Center screen is purple.

  • The Command Center is frozen.

Typical Causes

  • The website is experiencing a temporary glitch.

  • The Command Center does not perform optimally on the internet browser it is opened on.

  • A company firewall or security settings is blocking users from accessing Quickride websites.

How to Troubleshoot

Try, in this order:

1. Hard Refresh Internet Browser

Hard refresh the internet browser the Command Center is on.

  • For PC users: Ctrl + Shift + R. Or, Ctrl + F5 key.

  • For Mac users: Command + Shift + R. Or, ⌘ Cmd + R

2. Open Command Center on Different Internet Browser

Important: The Command Center works optimally when opened on the Google Chrome internet browser on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. The Command Center’s performance varies on other internet browsers and it is not recommended to view it on mobile phones.

Open the Command Center on a different internet browser.

3. Company IT Verifies Access to Quickride Domains

The company’s IT should verify that the following Quickride domains and subdomains are accessible and not blocked by security settings or firewalls:






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