Specialist App: Navigation/ Routing Issues

Troubleshooting for - navigation giving a longer than expected or inconvenient driving route - in the Specialist App of the Jobs Platform.

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How Navigation in the Specialist App Works

The Navigation screen in the Specialist App is powered by MapBox, a third party provider. It gives the specialist a suggested best driving route and turn-by-turn audio and visual directions.


  • The navigation’s suggested driving route is longer than expected / than is displayed in other navigation apps.

  • The navigation’s suggested driving route is inconvenient. For example, the route goes through a construction area that requires a long detour.

Typical Causes

  • An aspect of the route has recently changed that isn’t yet recognized by MapBox. For example, construction has recently started in a specific area.

  • MapBox is not recognizing certain factors that are throwing off the route. For example, average traffic conditions at specific times.

How to Troubleshoot

Disclaimer: Because the Navigation screen is powered by the third-party provider Mapbox, Quickride doesn’t have the ability to directly change or fix routing or anything else in that screen. All issues need to be reported directly to MapBox which the specialist can do within the Specialist App or Quickride can do on the station’s behalf.

Try, in this order:

1. Specialist Reports Issue in Specialist App

As specialists experience issues with the routing in the Specialist App, they ideally should report these issues directly to MapBox at the moment they encounter them. To do so, they tap the feedback button and select what the issue is.

2. Contact Quickride Customer Service

Contact Quickride Customer Service and share the specific details of the issue that was encountered so that Quickride can report the issue to MapBox. MapBox needs the following details to replicate and troubleshoot the issue:

  • The starting and ending addresses of the route.

  • Where the specialist was on the route when the issue occurred. For example, at a specific intersection.

  • The time and date the issue occurred, or at least a time range when the issue occurred.

  • What the issue /misdirection is. For example, at the specific intersection the specialist was directed to continue straight and then make a series of turns to loop around to the station instead of just making a U-turn.

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