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Understanding the Factors that Affect ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
Understanding the Factors that Affect ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Factors that increases passenger wait time. How to manage ride requests.

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Estimated time of arrival is necessary because it gives Customers an idea on when they can expect the shuttle to arrive. We understand that Customer expectations are tricky and the ability to adhere to these expectation relies on how well the Drivers can execute and comply with the driver app. 

Drivers are the key to making sure that the ETAs are accurate. Here are the factors that effect ETAs:

1. When the rides get created, the app computes the ETA, and this shows in the Command Center, Driver App, and Passenger App. If the Drivers don't start the trip the moment the ride gets assigned this will negatively affect the ETA shown in the passenger app. 

2. When a ride is created and assigned to a Driver, he/she needs to make sure to finish the ride first before logging out or taking their breaks/lunch. Logging out of the Driver app with an active ride will leave the Passenger in the queue and the waiting for a ride. The Driver needs to complete the ride or inform a Service Advisor to have the ride reassigned. The Command Center will not reassign a ride automatically; it needs to get reassigned manually.

3. The app automatically organizes the rides If the Drivers don't follow how the rides are organized in the app and go out of order, it negatively affects Customer's ETA. When the Driver goes out of order, any differences in time will be added over to the succeeding Passengers, thereby affecting all the ETAs of the people assigned to the Driver. 

Quickride's algorithm optimizes for the fastest possible route with as little time on the shuttle for the passengers as possible. It is programmed to discover the best route based on costs, weights, distances, and other factors that we have defined to get the most optimal result.

4. When reassigning rides, do this with extreme caution. The ETA is already computed for the Passenger the moment the ride request gets assigned to a Driver. If the Passenger gets reassigned, it will negatively affect ETA as additional time will be added based on where the new Driver's current location is and the number of passengers the new Driver has. The Passenger will also get multiple messages about changes in the Drivers. 

5. Finally, one of the most critical parts of using the app is that the Driver needs to tag the rides correctly using the four-step process as discussed in training, and these are:

  1. Navigate and drive to Passenger's pickup location.

  2. Pick up the Passenger and mark them on shuttle.

  3. Navigate and drive to the Passenger's drop off location.

  4. Drop off the Passenger and mark them off the shuttle.

To breakdown these steps: 

Passenger Pick-ups: This is when the Passenger is at a different location and needs to go back to the Station/Dealership. In the Driver App, this has a heading of "Waiting for Pick-up."

Here are the specific steps the Driver needs to complete for Passenger Pick-ups:
       a. Upon leaving the dealership or if at a different location, click on "Go", and this will start the trip going to the Passenger's location.
     b. Upon reaching the Passenger's address, click on "Done" and the app will ask the Driver "has the Passenger entered the vehicle", click on "Yes" once the Passenger is physically in the shuttle.
     c. To start driving back to the dealership with the Passenger, the Driver needs to click on "Go" so that the navigation screen will come up.
     d. Once the Driver arrives at the dealership, the app will ask the Driver "has exited the vehicle", click "Yes", and this will mark the ride as Complete.

 Passenger Drop-offs: This is when the Passenger is at the Station/Dealership and needs to go to a different location. In the Driver App, this has the heading of "At Station."

     a. Once the Driver has fetched the Passenger at the Customer lounge area or anywhere in the dealership where the Customer is, slide the On Shuttle option to "Yes".
     b. When the Driver is ready to go the Passenger's address, click on "Go" to start driving and get the navigation on the Driver's phone.
     c. When the Driver reaches the Passenger's destination, click on "Done" and the app will ask "has the Passenger exited the vehicle", click on "Yes" and this will mark the ride as Complete.


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