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There are instances wherein there are a lot of passengers waiting for a ride. It can be a pick-up or drop-off, or a Driver can even be assigned a combination of both ride types. The way the rides get organized is based on the algorithm as it optimizes for the fastest possible route with as little time on the shuttle for the passengers as possible. It is programmed to discover the best route based on costs, weights, distances, and other factors that we have defined to get the most optimal result. To accomplish that, the Driver will need to manage multiple rides. 

As a best practice, we encourage drivers to always follow the order of the rides from top to bottom. And in instances wherein, while the Driver is in transit, a new ride will be assigned. When the new ride gets assigned to the Driver, the Driver will get a notification. It is then up to the Driver to use his best judgment to pick up the passengers that are within his area or drop them off the dealership if it means saving the customer time on the shuttle. 

If the Driver is currently in-transit to a passenger location, to check the ride list, he needs to follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation view, click on done.

  2. The app will ask the Driver if the passenger has the passenger entered/exited the vehicle, click on "No."

  3. The Driver will be taken to the ride list, check the location of the new ride and decide if the next passenger can be picked up.
    ​       a. If Yes, click on Go to get the next location.
    If No, search for the name of the passenger where Driver was initially               headed and click on Go to get to the navigation screen again. 

**When checking the ride list, we advise parking the vehicle in a safe place. Do not check the messages or the ride list while the car is moving or while traveling."

Sample scenarios:

  • If the Driver has multiple drop-offs and a new pick-up ride is assigned, check the ride list and see if the Driver can save the passenger some wait time or get them once they've dropped off all the passengers in the shuttle. The Driver can pick-up the passenger on their way back to the dealership. 

  • If the Driver has multiple pick-ups and a new pick-up ride is assigned, check the ride list and see if the Driver can drop-off the passengers at the dealership first before heading to the next pick-up request. 

We encourage Drivers to use their best judgment in managing many rides throughout the day. Always follow the order of the rides from top to bottom even when new rides are assigned.

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