Driver App: Enable/Disable Voice Navigation
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The Driver app is a software designed to help the Drivers go over their ride assignment. It is equipped with a navigation system that allows the Drivers to plan for their journey and see other rides ahead of time. While the navigation can help Drivers get to the right destination, we also have Drivers who have been driving for the same dealership for over 20 years. 

Shuttle drivers are excellent at their jobs because they know the best route to take, which roads to avoid and understand what time traffic starts to build up on specific areas. With the driver app, it provides the Drivers with the best possible route based on their location and current traffic conditions. However, the driver app cannot replace the Driver's experience with the road conditions, it can predict and offer routes, but the Drivers can use their best judgment to getting to passenger's location. In these situations, Drivers can always MUTE voice navigation. The driver app will automatically reroute and adjust based on the Driver's preferred routes. 

To mute the driver app, the Drivers needs to toggle the voice prompts to enable/disable voice prompts in navigation. 

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