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Common Questions about Ride Status and Completion
Common Questions about Ride Status and Completion
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Common Questions about Ride Status and Completion

What can Drivers DO in the driver app?
Shuttle Drivers can only complete rides. Check the Four Step Process of Completing rides in the Driver App

What can Drivers NOT do in the driver app?

  1. Drivers cannot cancel a ride.

  2. Drivers cannot edit a ride.

  3. Drivers cannot reassign a ride. 

Who can Cancel a Ride request?

  1. Any Service Advisor with access to the Command Center.

  2. The Passenger who requested a ride thru the passenger app link.

Who can EDIT a Ride?
Nobody can edit a ride, that feature is not available especially if the information that needs to be edited are the location, time, name and phone number of the customer. If a ride needs to be edited/changed/updated, cancel the ride and submit another request with correct information.  

Can the Driver App complete a ride automatically?

No, this is Driver initiated. If the Driver is encountering issues with the Driver App, check this Troubleshooting Guide. 

Can a Service Advisor complete a ride in the Command Center?

No. Service Advisors can only create and cancel rides. They don't have the ability to complete any rides. 

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