Jobs Command Center: Job Statuses

What job statuses and colors mean, who can mark them, and how they display in the Command Center of the Jobs Platform.

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What Job Statuses Are

Job statuses in the Command Center show where in the process a job is.

How to Read and View Job Statuses

Job Status Flow

When a job is created in the Command Center it starts in the Open status.

It is then each specialist’s responsibility to update the statuses of each of their jobs in the Specialist App as they take action on them. Administrators, schedulers, and dispatchers also have the ability to mark job statuses in the Command Center, but it is recommended that specialists mark most statuses as they are the ones actually performing the job work.

Normal Status Flow

  • Open: The job has not yet been started. Shows as blue on both the Calendar and the Map.

  • En Route: The specialist is on the way to the customer's location. Shows as purple on both the Calendar and the Map.

  • Started: The specialist has arrived at the customer's location and started the work. Shows as orange on both the Calendar and the Map.

  • Completed: The specialist has fully completed the work. Shows as green on both the Calendar and the Map.

Alternate Statuses

  • Cancelled: The customer has cancelled their job appointment . A scheduler or dispatcher marks this status in the Command Center. Shows as black on both the Calendar and the Map.

  • Problem: The specialist has encountered an issue that prevents them from starting or completing a job. Shows as red on both the Calendar and the Map.

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