Jobs Command Center: Viewing Jobs

How to view the details of a job in the Command Center of the Jobs Platform.

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There are three ways to view a particular customer's job:

  1. Click on the customer’s name on the Job List in the Calendar View.

  2. Click on the customer's name on the Calendar in the Calendar View.

  3. Click on the customer's job marker in the Map View.

The Job Form appears with the same fields that were on the Create Job form and four additional fields: 

  • Job ID: a system-generated ID that is assigned to each job created. The job ID also appears in the Specialist App.

  • Current Status: shows which of six possible job statuses the job is in.

  • Created By: shows the name of the scheduler who created the job.

  • Specialist Notes: If specialists enter notes in their Specialist App, their notes will appear here.

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