When to Cancel a Job

  • If the customer requests the cancellation of their job appointment.

  • If the business needs to cancel the job for staffing reasons, material shortages, etc. 

  • If the customer or business wants to reschedule the job to another date and time, but they don't agree to a rescheduled date and time by the end of the day that the job is scheduled for.
    Note: For jobs that need to be rescheduled but no rescheduled date and time is agreed upon, it is a best practice to cancel the job on the day it is scheduled for because jobs lock at the end of the day and can't be edited the following day. 

How to Cancel a Job

  1. Locate the job in the Job List or on the Calendar and click on it.

  2. Click the Status Dropdown.

  3. Select Cancelled from the statuses list.

  4. Click Save Job.

In the Command Center, the color of the job changes to black.

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