Shuttles Command Center: Editing Rides

What elements of a ride can be edited and how to edit a ride in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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What Ride Fields Can and Can’t Be Edited

When Ride Fields Can Be Edited

  • Notes, reference number*, and under warranty* can be edited any time in the Command Center before or after a ride is completed.

  • If notes are edited while the ride is active, the updated notes will automatically be sent over to the driver in their Driver App.

How to Edit Notes, Reference #*, or Under Warranty* Fields

  1. Locate the ride in the Ride List and click on it.

  2. In the ride flyout, type edits in the Notes and/or Reference #* fields and/or select No or Yes in the Under Warranty* field.

The edits will automatically save.

*Note: The reference # and under warranty fields may not appear on the ride flyout if the station has these fields disabled in its settings.

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