Shuttles Command Center: Urgent Tasks

What urgent tasks mean and how to manage them in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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What Urgent Tasks Are

Urgent Tasks are alerts about any ride for the current day that has exceeded a maximum wait time or is assigned to a logged out driver. They are intended to help administrators and dispatchers see and manage issues with specific rides. They appear at the top of the Command Center in a red banner with the text for the most recent urgent task displayed in the banner.

How to View Urgent Tasks

  • Click View All in the banner to see all urgent tasks.

  • Click View Ride in the banner to view the ride with the most recent urgent task.

  • Click View Ride when all urgent tasks are displayed to view a specific ride.

Types of Urgent Tasks

Type 1 - Customer Not Picked Up by Warning Wait Time

Triggers when a ride is still in the Waiting status at the warning wait time defined in Station Settings.

Type 2 - Ride Assigned to a Logged Out Driver

Triggers when a ride is assigned to a driver who is logged out of their Driver App.

How Urgent Tasks Clear/ How to Clear Urgent Tasks

Urgent tasks display for the current day's rides. Therefore, all urgent tasks will automatically clear, i.e. disappear from the top of the Command Center, the next calendar day. Urgent tasks will also clear when:

Type 1

  • The driver picks up the customer and marks the ride status as En Route.

Type 2

  • The assigned driver logs back into their Driver App.

  • A scheduler or administrator reassigns the ride to a different driver via the Command Center.

Types 1 and 2

  • A dispatcher or administrator cancels the ride in the Command Center.

  • A customer cancels the ride in the Passenger App.

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