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Specialist App: Features and Controls
Specialist App: Features and Controls

Overview of the features and controls in the Specialist App of the Jobs Platform including how to contact a customer and use navigation.

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What the Specialist App Is

The Specialist App of the Quickride Jobs platform is where specialists manage and complete jobs for customers.

Job List Screen

The Job List screen is the default screen when logging in to the Specialist App. It show’s jobs that the specialist has assigned for the current date. The jobs are organized chronologically by the job start time, with the first job of the day at the top, the next job below that, and so on. As the specialists mark the completion of the jobs or jobs are marked cancelled or a problem, they move below a completed header. The job listings have the following information and controls, from top to bottom and left to right:

  1. Job ID: A unique ID assigned to each job.

  2. Job Location Distance: The distance the driver currently is from the job location; this updates in real-time as the specialist moves/ drives.

  3. Customer Name: The customer’s name.

  4. Job Start Time: The time the job is scheduled to start.

  5. Job Status: The job status.

  6. Navigate Back to Station Button: Launches the Navigation screen and gives the driver a map and directions back to the station (or the option to get directions back to one of the locations defined in Addresses).

Job Details Screen

When the specialist taps on a job listing, it opens the Job Details screen with the following information and controls, from top to bottom and left to right:

  1. Customer Name: The customer’s name.

  2. Phone Icon: Customer’s phone number is linked here.

  3. Start Time: The job’s scheduled start time.

  4. End Time: The job’s scheduled end time.

  5. Job Details: The information necessary to complete the job.

  6. Job Location: The address the job will be performed at.

  7. Go button: Launches the Navigation screen.

  8. Status menu: Allows the specialist to update the job status.

  9. Notes: Allows the specialist to enter notes for the job.

  10. Save button: Allows the specialist to save marked statuses and notes.

Contacting a Customer

If the specialist needs to, they can call the customer directly. To do so, the specialist taps the phone icon. The options Phone and Text appear. Selecting one will open either the phone dialer or the text messages app with the customer’s phone number already inputted. From there, the specialist can make a call or send a text/ SMS message.

Navigation Screen

When the specialist taps Go on the job listing or the Navigate Back to Station button, the Navigation screen launches. The Navigation screen is powered by MapBox, a third-party provider. It gives the specialist a suggested best driving route and turn-by-turn audio and visual directions.

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